COUNT24 VANTOM Website Monitoring


Well tried and proven by over 35'000 websites

How many visitors does your homepage have? How many page impressions ("PIs") do you get? Where do your visitors come from? How does the traffic develop over longer periods of times? Find out with COUNT24 CLASSIC!

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 COUNT24 Premium

Well tried and proven: The classic COUNT24 service, used by over 35'000 homepages worldwide.

  • See the last up to 500 hits with date, time, IP-address, hostname, operating system, browser, referrer
  • Visits per day and total
  • Visits during the crrent month and year
  • Visits per hour in direct comparison to the day before as real-time graph
  • Visits per tiems of day and weekday
  • Visit forecast for the current day
  • List of referrer pages without limits
  • Search-Engine statistics (50+ different) with keywords
  • Color depth, screen resolutions, operating systems
  • Browser + top level Domain + origin
  • 60 minute reload-lock - unfalsified statistics (optional)
  • IP-Lock - don't count your own visits of your website (optional)
  • Auto Login - quick access to your statistics with one click (optional)
  • Short statistic overview for your visitors as pop-up or in-pgae in your design (optional)
  • Graphic View of total visits today/alltime/forecast etc. on your website (optional)
  • Download your statistics as CSV file to be used for axample in MS® Excel™
  • Counter optionally invisible or in different styles
  • Try it out now - it's free and without any obligation - guaranteed!