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COUNT24 offers and how it may help you

We offer three different versions of COUNT24. Browse through these pages and discover all the features the different versions offer to find out which version fits you best. Also have a look on the Live-Demo or try out the full-featured COUNT24 DELUXE for 14 days for free and with absolutely no obligations!

Well tried and proven: The classic COUNT24 service, used by over 35'000 homepages worldwide: Ideal for small websites to track visits and page impressions.

  • Visits and page impressions in real-time
  • Hourly, daily, monthly statistics
  • What OS, what browsers are used
  • More CLASSIC functions

The professional analysis of your website traffic: COUNT24 PREMIUM analyzes the paths your visitors take on your website on a per-visitor basis, eneabling you to see what pages in what order certain visuitors took on your page exactly. This happens in real-time! Also profit from more enhanced tools to analyze traffic originating from search engines.

  • includes COUNT24 CLASSIC
  • Tracking your traffic Per-Visitor (Click-Streams)
  • Extensive keyword analysis and search-engine statistics
  • More PREMIUM functions

Start a dialogue with your customers: COUNT24 DELUXE extends functionality by an 1:1 Live-Chat, enabling your visitors to directly chat with you - no software installation required! Pick-up your potential customer at the Point-Of-Sale and increase the chance of a sale by offering live-support, answering questions directly, increasing both confidence and satisfaction - resulting in better conversions!

  • includes COUNT24 CLASSIC und PREMIUM
  • Actual dialogue with 1:1 Live-Chat
  • Offers wait loop, alternative contact form and quick 1-Click answers
  • More DELUXE functions