COUNT24 VANTOM Website Monitoring


Improve your website by offering a 1:1 Live-Chat

COUNT24 DELUXE is a extension of the PREMIUM version, so it includes the Live-Chat system additionally to all features from COUNT24 PREMIUM. The chat is not meant to be used as public chat among your visitors but for your visitors to communicate solely directly with you.

Pick up your - maybe hesitating - potential customer at the point of sale and answer his last questions that might detain him from buying your service or product. Give him that last nudge to buy from you! A live-chat has a far lower inhibition threshold that giving you a call or filling out a contact form and will be noticed much better. This is your additional, unique chance to make your visitor a customer!

By the way: COUNT24 DELUXE includes all features from COUNT24 CLASSIC and PREMIUM at no extra cost! All higher versions of COUNT24 always include all features of the lower ones.

Hint: This version also includes all features of
 COUNT24 Premium

More service. More confidence. More conversions! Communicate LIVE with your visitors and set a sign for customer care and satisfaction!

  • Offer a live chat and maximize your turnover through competent, real-time customer care and support.
  • Direct chat between you and your visitor only, no public chatroom among visitors.
  • Absolutely NO software installation nescessary, neither for the chat operator nor your visitor! The chat works perfectly with not additional plugins or software requeired (operator needs to have JavaScript enabled, "meta-refresh" must be allowed by both operator and guest [default settings]).
  • Multiple operators and multiple simultaneous chats possible.
  • Direct link to the PREMIUM analysis of the chat-guest's surf paths with just a click - see which pages the guest has been on and how he or she found you.
  • Convenient 1-Click answers you may pre-define on-the-fly: Answer frequently asked questions with a single click!
  • Includes Wait-loop when more guests are trying to reach you than you can handle.
  • Mail-System as fallback during peak-times: After a pre-defined waiting time elapses or if no operator is online, the user is sent to a simple contact form. Messages left using this form may be viewed and answered through the COUNT24 system.
  • Logfile for all chats for up to seven days, showing chat-length, time user waited for an answer by the operator and more.
  • Try it out now - it's free and without any obligation - guaranteed!