COUNT24 VANTOM Website Monitoring


Professional, per-visitor analysis of your traffic-streams

COUNT24 PREMIUM offers extended functions for a more detailed ananlysis of your website-traffic, especially regarding the exact tracing of individual visitors and the success of your marketing and advertisment efforts. You can view live, exactly which pages are viewed by individual visitors, where those visitors are exactly from and you may follow them during their whole stay. This way you can also find out, what keywords someone used to find your website in search engines (and on which page of that engine your site was listed). This system also allows you to monitor the success of your Google™ AdWords™ campaigns.

By the way: COUNT24 PREMIUM includes all features from COUNT24 CLASSIC at no extra cost! All higher versions of COUNT24 always include all features of the lower ones.

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 COUNT24 Deluxe

More than a webcounter: A strong and feature-rich tool to analyze ond optimize your search engine ranking, marketing campaigns and site structures.

  • Data gathering and analysis of your website traffic in real-time
  • Live surveillance of all user actions on all your webpages: See exactly which visitor view which page
  • Tracing the whole path a certain user takes on your website - even if he or she returns after hours, days or even weeks, even if he or she changes the IP-address (cookie support required): Klick on a visitor and see which page he or she viewed at whhat time and for how long. Optimize your in-site links, analyze where people leave your page and where you should improve the structure of your site to increase leads and/or sales!
  • Evaluation of search engine referrers from Google™,™, AOL™, Yahoo™, MSN™ and more: What keywords were used, on which page was your homepage listed, how successful are your AdWords™ campaigns on Google™?
  • Highlighting of clicks which came via Google™ Syndication (your AdWords™-ads on third-party sites), including display of the exact URL where your ads were displayed.
  • Highlighting of BAD USERS: See at once when a user clicks multiple times on your AdWords™ and discover fraudulent clicks!
  • Analysis of BAD KEYWORDS: Find out which keywords bring only bad traffic (few pageimpressions per User) by looking at a list of all keywords and the ratio, how many page views they resulted in - another way to optimize your AdWords™ and lower the cost!
  • Improved analysis of user origin by country, using a extensive IP-to-country database.
  • Many differnet options to include our tracking code into your website: Invisible, as button displaying the online-state of your live-chat (DELUXE version only), as an image displaying the number opf users currently online on your site, and many many more.
  • Get an overview for visits and impressions for a certain day (by hour), month (by day), year (by month) or by year with just a click
  • Get an overview for visits and impressions and impressions per visit for a certain URL (in-site URL an referrer) for any time-period you like.
  • Export data into CSV files to use for example in MS™ Excel™.
  • Try it out now - it's free and without any obligation - guaranteed!